History of UGG

During World War I, the Australian Air Force pilots David Tizo and Audrey Hers fell in love every day in the face of separation and death wars. This love stands out even more. Audrey Hers can not figure out how the cold temperature is a big threat to David’s foot health. At that time, the aircraft has no air conditioning. Every time you return to the land, Mr. Audrey Hell should use both hands to stroke David’s frozen foot. David used to do urgent work once, but David cheated his sheep’s hat and big collar, David wrapped his legs, David flew into the blue sky with these ugly shoes. This warm feeling is very good, other pilots also learn to wrap their feet with sheepskin and offer better performance with respect to air battle. In order to learn the war, the Australians were inspired by this fighting battle, made “uglyboots” sheepskin boots, then the Australian nickname “UGG” considered exercises, the hint of the diet was with the Earth’s tide “UGG” snow boots became.

After the war, friends of Easton and Audrey Hers Cendi Sen founded the “Cendys” footwear company that registered the “AuHers” trademark and started making “AuHers” snow boots, so the mtss that swept the world are boots.

This is like a love story, but there is something unexpected, but I can not believe Australian snow boots and air force. Snow boots on the inside of the wool, soft light right next to the sheepskin, round appearance of the brain. Therefore, flying ugly boots, snow boots also known as FUGG which is air snow warm boots. In fact, snow boots are a misconception called “flying boots” should have more names.

Military boots from tropical to temperate tropics to civilians, roughly 100 years of experience got on the fashion throne. Although Australia’s UGG boots were first seen in the United States, it seems that it has not been evaluated, but because Deckers outdoor sports company took over the business in 1995, it wore snow boots and gained popularity in the US, It was recognized in the country.

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